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 The Suggestion Box Rules and Guidelines

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So Zetta Slow
So Zetta Slow

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PostSubject: The Suggestion Box Rules and Guidelines   Sat Apr 02, 2011 5:11 pm

So you want to add to the site somehow but because you are a mere "member" you can't do that?
That's alright we got this place for all your needs and such but there are rules and guidelines

  1. Done't be a blind, lack-linen whoreson - If your request is absolutely ridiculous and nonsensical it will be locked, end of discussion.
  2. Petitions are helpful - Sometimes we will shoot down your suggestion because either it isn't worth our time or there isn't enough support for it. But we won't lock it. At this point you can turn your suggestion into a petition thread where people can sign it showing how much support your thread has. After that we may actually listen to you.
  3. Don't be jarated if your suggestion is ignored - We're very busy people. (Lies) We have lives too. (Okay truths) If you feel you're not being listened to bump your thread or better yet, turn it into a petition.
  4. Follow standard forum rules - Self Explanatory

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The Suggestion Box Rules and Guidelines
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