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 The New Mafia Forum Rules + General How to Play

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PostSubject: The New Mafia Forum Rules + General How to Play   Sat Apr 02, 2011 11:18 pm

Because I'm revamping a lot of I love mexicans I'll be organizing this I love mexicans a lot more.

New Mafia Forum Rules:
  1. All OOC (Out of Character) discussion will take place in the Mafia OOC Discussion Subforum
  2. If you wish to host a game please post sign ups in the new Mafia Sign-Ups Subforum
  3. All finished mafia games will locked upon completion. If you wish to speak about the game that was completed go to the Mafia OOC Discussion Subforum and look for the corresponding thread
  4. Do not post in a game that you are not part of
  5. Ghosting is not cool bro, it's bannable offense bro.
  6. Sray7 will handle the main mafia series known as Mafia I, Mafia II, etc (series numbers are used for storytelling purposes, unless the host specifies otherwise, assume it's a normal mafia game)
  7. If you wish to host a mafia series just add a number to the end of your title
  8. Role Claiming is (generally) allowed. Unless the host decides against it.

General Mafia Rules
  1. There are generally only two factions in the game. The Mafia and the town. There may or may not be third-parties. It's up to the host to decide this. The host does not have to tell weather or not if there is a third faction. Again this is up to the host.
  2. There are two phases. The Day Phase and the Night Phase
  3. During the Day Phase, all players discuss who to lynch for the day, or even to not kill anyone.
  4. During the Night Phase, all the mafia members discuss privately whom to kill (or even to not kill anyone for the night). In addition anyone (town or mafia) with active abilities may use them. Passive abilities are... well passive so people with passive abilities don't have to do anything.
  5. Once anybody is killed their role and description of the role is revealed by the host (or not, it's still up to the host, but this generally happens)
  6. The day and night phases repeat until either a faction obtains their win condition, or until the hosts decides the game has gone on for so long without anyone dying that all remaining factions have decided to live happily ever after. Everyone's Win condition is generally to eliminate all factions that is not their own, but there are some exceptions...

General Roles
  • The Vanilla Townie** - The Vanilla Townie is the most common role in the entire game. They do not know anything besides what is discussed during the day phase and the role reveal. They don't even know who is on their side. Therefore the Vanilla Townie's most powerful weapon is their majority and voting power.
  • Mafia Member** - The Mafia, AKA the BAD GUYS. There may not be many of them. But their advantage over the Town is that they have exclusive information, which is who is mafia and who is not. They can collaborate to cause mayhem among the the town. On top of this they can stack their vote together and focus their sights on one specific townie.
  • The Detective/Cop - The Cop is the man who finds information. Each night they are given the opportunity to "investigate" any one target. They are then given a "Townie" or "Mafia" result after the investigation. Sometimes (up to the host) they may even receive a "Inconclusive" result.
  • The (Mafia) Prostitute/Roleblocker - The Roleblocker does just that. Each night they may target one person and prevent them from using their ability. This can even be a reason for a cop to obtain a "Inconclusive" result. Roleblockers can be on either faction.
  • The Doctor - This man is known for being a life-saver. Each night he may target one person which whom he protects. The killing will fail. Like I said, life saver.
  • The Vigilante - "Dad, I'm not a crazed gunman, I'm an ASSASSIN." The Vigilante is a town aligned member who has night killing abilities. It is generally limited in that the vigilante only can use his ability once, but it's not unheard of a vigilante who can kill more than once.
  • The Godfather - Try as you might, but you won't get any dirt on him. The godfather is immune to the cop's investigation abilities. The Godfather will either turn up as being an "Innocent" or "Inconclusive"
  • The Serial Killer - The Lone Wolf. The Serial Killer is generally a third party faction whose goal is to.. well kill EVERYONE ELSE. Serial Killers have night killing abilities, so if you notice more than one person dying each night, there could be a serial killer lurking about.

**These are the only two roles that are actually necessary to play a game.

These aren't the only roles. There are many other roles, hell probably some that aren't even thought up of yet. Be creative make up your own role to make the game more interesting. Can't think of a role? Well there's always this flash guide to mafia roles.

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The New Mafia Forum Rules + General How to Play
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