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Flying Gym Leader

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PostSubject: Dead.   Sun Jan 09, 2011 7:34 am

Our community has struggled to continue and to evolve ever since the second OBC began to die. Having been with you guys for several years, it's pretty tough to do this, but do it I must:

I hereby declare this site dead. I'm doing this because it is dead in every way but officially. It's time to make it official.

I'm not closing anything down so if you guys still want to get in contact with each other/me, or even try to salvage it, you can do so. I realize this may not mean much, but for me, it carries a certain symbolic importance since it's been around for so long (in its various forms).

If someone wants to take over the site, PM me and I'll probably allow you to do so.

I'll still check the forums occasionally for the next couple weeks, as well as maybe getting on chat on occasion.

'Til the next iteration of Smash, my friends.
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